Mission Statement
“We aspire to be the partner of choice for high quality and best value housing provision, with a focus on delivering outstanding excellence for our residents and customers”.
With over a 1000 units of accommodation, we deliver a diverse range of housing to different client groups on behalf of local authorities only. We can offer tailored housing solutions to meet the needs of individuals, including those who are in difficult or challenging circumstances. We support them to develop skills to manage their money and tenancy, with the ultimate goal of re-entering the private rental market. Paramount are also proud to manage temporary accommodation directly on behalf of local authorities directly,
in their own stock.
It is with immense pride that we also have our Paramount Foundation. with the aim to invest in the communities in which we operate to improve the lives and wellbeing of people living within them. The Foundation has been working heavily with the young people of Medway and been able to fund and provide vocational activities and volunteering opportunities for them. We are already collaborating with various organisations that can support us in our mission, and the Foundation currently work in partnership with Medway Young service, Safer Kent, Street Games, and Arches Local.
About Paramount
Paramount Core Values
Investing in the community means giving back to the areas that we work in. We will look for ways to make a positive difference to people’s lives, we want our investments in people and bricks and mortar to be sustainable and long lasting. Community investment is at the heart of Paramount, we will strive to make a change for the better to the people and places we work.
At Paramount we believe innovation and providing inspiration to others is what makes us different. We love positive change, we welcome new ideas and creative ideas. We will not stand still as a company and we will never stop learning and developing.
At Paramount we believe in providing the best possible customer service. The best customer experience to us means that we are welcoming, friendly and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure our customers are happy with all aspects of their experience with our product. We’ll go the extra mile each and every day.
At Paramount we believe providing our local authority customers best value is extremely important. To us, best value doesn’t just mean the best price. It means quality, depth of service, and expertise too. We will continually strive for better systems and solutions to achieve the right blend of quality and professionalism for the right price.
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