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Paramount deliver a diverse range of housing to different client groups on behalf of local authorities only. We offer self-contained, shared, and specially tailored accommodation such as mother & baby, disabled adapted homes, or single male/female shared houses. We also operate large guesthouses for family placements. With over 100 staff, including all contract and maintenance trades and services being in-house, we are a young but dynamic business that were delighted to win the “Making A Difference” award at the Medway Business Awards.
Who Are We
Safe, secure and welcoming houses
Supporting vulnerable
people in our community
High quality housing solutions
About Paramount
Kent and the South East’s largest specialist accommodation provider.
“We aspire to be the partner of choice for high quality and best value housing provision, with a focus on delivering outstanding excellence for our residents and customers”.
Our Mission
Number of local
authority areas serviced
Number of staff
Number of self-contained properties under management
Number of support & security staff
With over 1400 properties
throughout Kent and Sussex,
this makes us the largest
provider in the South-East.
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